“They should do other things” Simon Cowell intending to divide largest boy band One Direction?

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Simon Cowell needs the stars to go off and do their very own solo projects.

The Syco manager is proud of the Nighttime Changes hitmakers but is not concerned if they work outside of the group.

Ever because the group got together on X Factor, folks have now been calling a schism, but Simon insists that he is not stopping 1D – , Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik – for doing their particular thing.

Speaking in the Prince’s Trust Success Awards in London, Simon told The Sun that he is been driving the lads to do other things and is proud of Louis Tomlinson setting up his own amusement firm, 78 Productions Limited as good as helping Sony decide a girlband talent contest.

“We have said to most of the lads in the group, all of you have to do other things. In the event you would like to work with me, do some things by yourself, they need to be permitted to do whatever they desire,” he said.

“I adore the reality that Louis needs to make a move with me, but I am doing things including each of the lads.”

In the , One Direction manager Simon disclosed he had given the group the green light to do solo projects – as long as they do not split up.

The team tonight won the Best British Music Video in the 2015 Brit Awards.

The X Factor mogul, who signed the five lads after their stint on the show, believes it is balanced for Zayn Malik, 22, to follow his rap fantasies and Harry Styles, 21, to compose music, but the group should come first.

Si, 55, says: “You can not knock what One Direction are doing. They are making great records and that I presume that is why they are still so popular.

“I hear guess most of the time that they are going alone. My guidance is they should stay together but still do things they need as a bit on the side.”


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