After One Direction, Louis Tomlinson blames Sophia Smith, the girlfriend of Liam Payne! (VIDEO)

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has fun with the many bottles of water present on the stage On The Road Again. Besides, after attacking all members of the group, he took aim at and the reaction of the young woman was filmed. The editorial shows you everything from

Need to cool off? The Drafting made a comeback on the most beautiful water fights Lilo and this has entertained you. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have lots of heat stroke on stage and to relax they have fun doing water fights (a feast for the eyes of fans). Louis Tomlinson also addresses the other group members. The singer had tired of throwing water on the same people and decided to go after Sophia Smith, girlfriend of Liam Payne. Present at the concert, the young woman tried to leave the show and sneak past the stage with a member of the security group. This did not please Louis Tomlinson who, with humor, decided to throw him water, which could make the fans laugh.

Unveiled on video, Directioners can see Louis Tomlinson throw water at Sophia Smith who takes it with a smile and starts to laugh. Liam Payne was keen to defend his beautiful turn throwing water on him. Fans will surely find the reaction of Liam Payne lovely. In all cases, the seem in great shape right now and they share their good mood with their fans at every concert. However, all the fans are worried for the future of One Direction since leaving . Rumors are many on the web about the solo careers of each group member. Besides, after the rumors about his departure from One Direction Liam Payne reassured Directioners. According to you, Louis Tomlinson does well with Sophia Smith?


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