10 IMPORTANT THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE going to the One Direction Concert

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Are you ready for the concert tomorrow ?! Check out Fridas bulleted list and make sure you have everything arranged before you go to Ullevi Stadium!

1. Society
What will you hang in sex with? One advantage is if they are as devoted fans as you are, so that no one gets tired of sitting outdoors for several hours.

2. How long do you plan to queue?
We have heard the grapevine that the whole 35 000 (!) People are expected to stand in a queue at 14.00 outside the Ullevi stadium tomorrow. Have in mind to come early if you want seats near the front.

3. Packed food
Anyone who waits for something good never waits too long, people usually say, but make sure you do not get hungry and thirsty on the road. Pack with some goodies (and real food!) In a bag before the concert and forget for God’s sake do not water!

4. Weather
The forecast says 15 degrees and rain in the morning so do not forget rain jacket or rain poncho, so you will not have to stand and be wet during the entire concert.

5. The bag
Think smart and choose a small handbag with shoulder straps that you just put the key in. Hang it across the body to reduce the risk to get rid of it.

6. Do not lose your buddies
There will be great pressure and a lot of people in the place so be sure to keep up with your friends to not lose them in the crowd. If you do that – determining a location that you viewed on whether you would go away from each other, namely, the risk is great that the mobile network will be overloaded and that you can not call each other.

7. Take the things you are not afraid of
When you line up you’ll want to sit on a blanket or a seat cover, and it is usually found places to dump it on once you enter the arena. Bring something you are not so afraid of that you can toss once you have arrived, so you do not keep the stuff in concert.

8. The placard
Have you thought to bring with you a neat placards to show that you are a true Directioner? Remember that it does not get stuck something sharp or sticks at it and that it must not be larger than an A3 paper, according Ullevi rules.

9. Make sure you have the memory and battery on your mobile
Imagine the concert goes ahead and you do not have any memory left on the phone ?! PANIC! Empty the cell phone at old pictures and videos today and make sure that you charge it properly overnight!

10. ENJOY!
Once you are inside, and see your idols – try to live in the present and not just shoot with your phone. Enjoy the moment and try to experience as much live as you can! Although it is fun with pictures and videos then obviously the concert the most glorious.


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