Meet Justin Bieber Backstage at a Concert!

7 Comments 25.Feb, 2011, 22:55

Love Justin Bieber and his great sound? You’ll want to take the opportunity to enter this great contest to actually meet the young Justin Bieber and go backstage at one of his popular music concerts. One truly lucky person will win the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber and get to talk to him just before or after the concert.

Just imagine what you’d talk to Justin Bieber about! You could talk to him about your favorite songs of his, what his favorite songs are or anything else you are curious to know. What a unique opportunity. It certainly isn’t something that many people get to do – to go backstage and meet a superstar like Justin Bieber!


So go ahead and take a chance. Enter to win the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber in person at one of his concerts. You never know…you could be that very lucky person to win. How exciting! Enter today for the chance to win – we hope you win!


  1. j 06. August, 2011, 3:00

    justin bieber is so cool win he start to make movies and sing i start to sing aND DANCE AND ACT .IM REAL GOOD .IF I WIN I WOULD ASK JUSTIN TO SING WON OF MY SONG AFTER THE CONCERT

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  2. ALEX 06. August, 2011, 3:01


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  3. Daphne Stein 15. November, 2011, 12:50

    it hurts to be a belieber. he’s aaaah mazing.

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  4. BROOKE 15. June, 2012, 20:54

    I want to meet Justin so bad . I love his music and I think he is so darn cute . I hope I get to meet him. Im going to his concert in Nashville :)

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  5. Brooke 17. June, 2012, 1:29

    I am a huge Justin Bieber fan . I am going to his concert in Nashville TN . I would love for him to sign my guitar ! I would love to see him sing a song at TOOTSIES also !

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  6. lily betts 19. August, 2012, 3:10

    i love Justin sooo much. I have loved Justin since he started singing 5 years ago. My room is covered in Justin. I love his music. His voice is amazing. I am hopefully going to start singing soon just like Justin. I will always support Justin no matter what i will always be here for him I love you Justin. Belieber forever xox

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  7. Alicia 20. September, 2012, 0:18

    Where do I enter to win?
    I would love the chance to meet Justin and let him know what his music makes me feel and how he affects my everyday life. He is an incredible human being and I would love this chance. :]

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